Grand Parents Group

Grandmother with her daughter and daughter's two little girls
From the west grandmother to little sister Estrid and Kerstin (lacking diagnosis of her illness) and mother Johanna. Photo: Rick Guidotti

If your grandson has an undiagnosed illness, you are most welcome to the Willefund's Grandparents Group.

The Wille Fund's Grandparents Group takes, among other things, a what is meant by undiagnosed diseases and difficulties when the child is not diagnosed. These are basically the same issues that come up here as in the parent group.

For many in the Grandparentgroup, it is the first time they have met someone who understands what they mean by undiagnosed grandchildren and all the questions that arise. They share their own experiences, joy and sadness around the sick grandchild.

We had planned to arrange meetings for anyone with sick undiagnosed grandchildren, but due to the current pandemic we have postponed it until 2021.

If you have one or more grandchildren who are sick and have no diagnosis, then you are welcome to join Wilhelm Foundations  Grand Parents Group på Facebook.