Undiagnosed children

Parents of children with an undiagnosed disease tell

Every child is unique and so are the children who have undiagnosed diseases. Many have a disease that is invisible others do not but all have two things in common. The first is that they are wonderful children and the others that the doctors do not know what kind of disease the child has. 

Here we offer parents to present their undiagnosed children, giving the child a chance for a doctor or researcher to get a suspicion of what your child might have for diagnosis. Want you want your child to be included, contact Wilhelm Foundation,and we will tell you more.

Are you a doctor/researcher and have a suspicion of what the child might have for the disease? Please, email or call the Wilhelm Foundation, and we will take care of you to get in touch with the child's doctor.

Together we can make a difference, help the Wilhelm Foundation save lives!