International work to help children

In order for the Wilhelm Foundation to help the undiagnosed children in Sweden and abroad, a broad international collaboration is needed. 2013 was time to go abroad for the Wilhelm Foundation.

Main contact was made in 2013

The fund's most important contact was made in October 2013 when Helene and Mikk Cederroth met Dr. Gahl at NIH UDP in Bethesda USA.

"We, two parents from Sweden, walked on shaky legs to a meeting at Dr Gahl's office. Suddenly in the elevator up to his office it occurred to me that why would he, the world's foremost specialist in diagnostics want to work with us. Honestly, I don't really know what I thought."

The meeting was very positive and a collaboration with Dr Gahl began. At present, the Wilhelm Foundation has organized 8 World Congress for the Undiagnosed Diseases together with Dr. Gahl.

UDNI and UDP have a very important task to fill

Many of the children in Sweden have undergone very thorough genetic investigations including weekend resequencing (WGS Whole Genome Sequencing) and yet about 50% of children have no diagnosis. This means that the UDNI (Undiagnosed Diseases Network International) network has a very important task to fulfil. The Wilhelm Foundation is one of the founders of UDNI together with Dr. Gahl NIH USA and Dr. Taruscio ISS Italy. 

International projects and medical publications

Thanks to the Wilhelm Foundation's international work, the foundation has gained an invaluable international network of specialists. This has resulted in many lectures in Sweden and abroad, participation in various international projects and medical publications on the undiagnosed diseases.