The Wilhelm Foundation's goal is for all people with Undiagnosed Diseases to be diagnosed

350 million people live with an undiagnosed disease worldwide. 

Genome sequencing can provide answers for 40 % of children and adults with undiagnosed diseases, but around 60% still don't receive a diagnosis. 

We have to do more! 

The Wilhelm Foundation's primary goal is to ensure that every individual, both children and adults, who struggles with an undiagnosed disease receives a prompt and accurate diagnosis. We are dedicated to advancing medical research and collaborative efforts to uncover the causes of undiagnosed conditions, aiming to provide answers to those in need.

To achieve the Wilhelm Foundation's goal, we arrange International Conferences on Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases, in collaboration with DR William A. Gahl, Undiagnosed Diseases Program UDP, NIH USA and UDNI members. Wilhelm Foundation is a co-founder of UDNI. 

Last year, the the Wilhelm Foundation arranged the world's first Undiagnosed Hackathon together with Ann Nordgren, Karolinska UDP, Sweden and CEO Orion Buske, PhenoTips

This year Wilhelm Foundation's Undiagnosed Hackathon is a collaboration with Prof Wendy van Zelst-Stams and her team at Radboud umc, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Read more about the Undiagnosed Hackathon

Girl sitting in a chair

Many undiagnosed have to wait years to receive an adequate investigation, even though they know that a delayed diagnosis can lead to irreversible injuries and, in the worst case, death.

A hospital room with doctors and a little girl

Individuals whose conditions have eluded medical diagnoses may apply to become UDP (Undiagnosed Diseases Program) participants.

Helene Cederroth Wilhelm Foundation and Paul Melmeyer NORD at the UN's headquarter in NYC

International co-operation is needed to solve the undiagnosed diseases, which is why Wilhelm Foundation participates in various international projects.

Group photo with approximately 100 adults and in the front row children and adults

Undiagnosed Hackathon

Wilhelm Foundation arranged the first global Undiagnosed Hackathon
together with Karolinska UDP and PhenoTips 

Undiagnosed Hackathon

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