The Wilhelm Foundation's goal is for all undiagnosed children to be diagnosed

The Wilhelm Foundation works to ensure that children and adolescents who have an undiagnosed disease are diagnosed. Doctors expect that there are several thousand different undiagnosed diseases, diseases that have not yet been discovered by medical science.

Some children are born with an undiagnosed disease, other children fall ill at some point during childhood up to adolescence. Undiagnosed diseases are all over the world and the Wilhelm Foundation aims to fight these diseases to save children's lives! The Wilhelm Foundation's goal is for children with an undiagnosed disease to be diagnosed. 

Together we can make a difference, help Wilhelm Foundation save lives!


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Warm welcome to our facebook groups that are for those who want to know more and you who want support.

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Wilhelm Foundation's silver lining

Parents of children with undiagnosed diseases can apply for the Wilhelm Foundation's Silver Lining. The Wilhelm Foundation's idea is to bring joy to the child and the family - despite the difficult situation. 

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