Be a Volunteer

Do You have some time to spend? Become a volunteer.

Being a volunteer is a non-profit (without compensation).

Some tips on what to do:

  • seek sponsors among companies.
  • help the Wilhelm Foundation raise money.
  • sell Wilhelm Foundation's pearl bracelets and postcards to private individuals or local shop.
  • reorganizing a homeparty. Invite friends, view and sell the fund's products.
  • arrange party where everyone adds a sum to the Wilhelm Foundation, as payment for the party. This is a common way in England and the United States.
  • contact local newspapers and ask them to bring in the Wilhelm Foundation's ads free, that the newspapers fill empty spaces with.

You always be warmly welcome to make suggestions for your own assignment.

Many thanks to all our volunteers, it is you who make the Wilhelm Foundation succeed!

Please, mail your interest to and we'll contact you.