The Foundation

The Wilhelm Foundation is working to solve the undiagnosed diseases. 

The Wilhelm Foundation is working to solve the undiagnosed diseases, the diseases are not know to medical science because no test results match any known disease. The fact that a disease is undiagnosed means that doctors do not know what the cause is. Doctors also do not know how the disease are inherited, there is no prognosis (how the disease develops) and there is rarely a medication that cures because diagnosis is lacking. The Wilhelm Foundation's goal is for everyone with an undiagnosed disease to get a diagnosis!

Bringing together the leading specialists of diagnostics from the different corners of the world into a world congress and getting them to cooperate is the Wilhelm Foundation's hope for solving these mysterious diseases that primarily affect children and adolescents.

The Wilhelm Foundation has a parent group for parents of undiagnosed children and a grandparent group. Every year, the Wilhelm Foundation invites parents to a parents' weekend with lectures by specialists and a lot of time for conversations between parents. In 2020, the Wilhelm Foundation planned a new event, a family Camp at Valjeviken in Sweden (unfourtantly postponed due to Covid-19).

The Wilhelm Foundation's Silver lining is for children with undiagnosed diseases. It is the parents who apply and gets to decide what a Silver Lining is for their child and family.

The Wilhelm Foundation also works with: 

  • Information to parents of undiagnosed children how and where to seek a diagnosis.
  • Work in political terms to improve the rights of children with undiagnosed diseases who deserves an equal life as healthy children.
  • Inform the public and health services about the undiagnosed diseases.