Use Swish 90 05 448 to send a gift to Wilhelm Foundation!

Wilhelm Foundation needs your support to continue helping the undiagnosed children and their families! We hope that you will use Swish 90 05 448 to send a gift to support our work. In countries that don't have Swish you can donate here

We need your support to fight the undiagnosed diseases, give out silver linings to undiagnosed children, arrange parent weekends and family weeks. Another task we have is to spread information about the undiagnosed diseases that affect children and adolescents. Many in society but also in health care are unaware that there are diseases that are not know to medical science! Doctors are often completely puzzeled by the undiagnosed diseasea, what the cause is and how it will progress, no one knows because the doctors do not know what disease the child has

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No fees for Wilhelm Foundation

Wilhelm Foundation pays no fees on money transfered to us with Swish, as all organizations with 90 accounts

Wilhelm Foundation has a 90 account which means that the foundation is controlled by The Swedish Fundraising Control. The 90 account is a confirmation to the donor that the donation is being handled responsibly and that the money goes to the purpose without unreasonable costs.

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