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Wilhelm Foundation welcomes companies

Wilhelm Foundation's business friend, as a business friend, helps you and your company with funding an important cause, to help children with undiagnosed diseases to a diagnosis and to spread information about the undiagnosed diseases from which many of the children die

The Undiagnosed Diseases are very severe and affect the whole family, which is why we also arrange parent weekends with lectures, family camps with the whole family and give Silverlinings to the children who are undiagnosed.

It is also a heavy burden on health care, as many of the children get very sick and requiring advanced medical care and expensive investigations because doctors do not know the root cause of the child's disease. 

Wilhelm Foundation works to combat the undiagnosed diseases by getting doctors and researchers from all over the world to work together to solve the undiagnosed diseases. The Wilhelm Foundation organizes World Congresses for Specialists, working with the International Network of Undiagnosed Diseases UDNI, where specialists from all over the world work together to solve the undiagnosed diseases. The Wilhelm Foundation is the co-founder of UDNI. Lectures for healthcare professionals, the general public and parents.

Wilhelm Foundation's work is entirely dependent on individuals and companies. All our work is non-profit and we hope your company wants to become a business friend or sponsor. 

Business friend receives:

  • Diploma
  • Websitebanner
  • E-mail signature
  • Wilhelm Foundation's banner for printed matter
  • Exposure of the company logo on Wilhelm foundation's Christmas and summer letters as well as the website.

Together we agree on an amount, send an invoice and then we warmly welcome you on Facebook, as a Wilhelm Foundation's business friend.

Want to know more - contact Mikk or Helene Cederroth by mail or call 08-51241894

Together we can make a difference, help Wilhelm Foundation save lives!