Medical Advisory Board

Wilhelm Foundation has over the years gained a large international network of specialists and some of them are members our Medical Advisory Board. All our the members attend the world congresses and many of them have an Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP).

We can now proudly present our Medical Advisory Board.


Professor Gareth Baynam, Perth, Australia

Baynam, Professor
UDP Perth Western Australia

Dr Gahl, NIH, USA

Gahl, Director
NIH UDP Bethesda USA

Prof. Kenjiro Kosaki from UDP Tokyo in Japan

Kosaki, Professor 
UDP Tokyo Japan 

Professor Lasko from Kanada

Lasko, Professor
Montreal Canada

Professor Nordgren from Karolinska-UDP, Stockholm, Sweden

Nordgren, Professor
Karolinska-UDP Sweden

Professor Puri from New Delhi India.

Puri, Professor
three UDPs in India

Professor Olaf Reiss Germany

Riess, Professor
Solve-RD, Tübingen, Germany

Professor Schimmenti, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA

Schimmenti, Professor 
Mayo Clinic USA

Director Taruscio, ISS, Rome Italy

Taruscio, Direktor
ISS Rome Italy

Professor van Zelst-Stams UDP Nijmegen, Netherlands

van Zelst-Stams, Professor
UDP Nijmegen Netherlands