Name & logo

Mikk and Helene Cederroth founded the Wilhelm Foundation in connection with their eldest son Wilhelm's funeral, which is why it was obvious that Wilhelm should be allowed to give name to the foundation. 

Wilhelm suffered from an undiagnosed illness and died aged 16. His two younger siblings Hugo and Emma also had them an undiagnosed disease. Emma died the year after Wilhelm . Emma was six years old. Hugo lived two more years after Emma's death. Hugo died at the age of 10.

Wilhelm , Hugo and Emma were very fond of Disney's films, but most liked the Lion King.

"Wilhelm liked the Lion King so much that I painted on the free hand the lion king on walls, chairs and drapes in his room. Yes, everywhere he wanted the Lion King, so that it would be a free drawing inspired by the Lion King to the logo was a given.

If you have seen the Lion King, one might remember when Rafiki thought Simba was dead and went to the tree and saw that Simba was alive, because he saw the outline of the tree. That's the scene that inspired us when I drew the logo. Even though Wilhelm is dead, he is still alive for us!" Wilhelm's mother Helene