Black Pearl Awards 2018

Mikk and Helene Cederroth received the prestigious EURORDIS Black Pearl Award Volunteer 2018 for their work for children with undiagnosed diseases and Wilhelm Foundation.
They were invited to Brussels where they could stay in a fancy hotel and in the evening there was a big Gala dinner with attire tuxedos. Not only was the fine appointment it was also an incredible evening with Belgian royalty. There was photography on the red carpet and interviews! 

A group of people dressed in smoking on a red carpet.
All recipients of Black Pearl Award 2018,EURORDIS. Helene and Mikk Cederroth, Wilhelm Foundation in the middle.


To the left in black gown and man in tuxedo to the right.
Helene and Mikk Cederroth recipients of Black Pearl Award.


Picture is split in half to the left price and to the right Helene and Mikk Cederroth
EURORDIS Black Pearl Awards price and to the left Helene and Mikk Cederroth, Wilhelm Foundation.