Swedish Care Hero

Bild på Helene och Mikk Cederroth Svensk vårdhjälte 2020  och deras barn Wille, Hugo och Emma
Helene and Mikk Cederroth with their children Wilhelm, Hugo and Emma.


Wilhelm Foundation, Mikk and Helene Cederroth are Swedish care heroes 2020.

The Swedish Heroes' Gala 2020 took place on Aftonbladet and TV3, December 17, 2020. The Gala was virtual due to COVID-19. Watch the Gala with English subtitles here

It is an honorable appointment for the Wilhelm Foundation and all the undiagnosed children and adolescents, who are the real heroes and their families. Getting such a fine appointment as Swedish care heroes means a great deal to Wilhelm Foundation's continued national and international work to solve the undiagnosed diseases.


En foto med texten Deras tre barn dog av en mystisk hjärnsjukdom
If you have not read the article or seen the video, you can do so by clicking on the image.


We personally even now have to pinch our arm afterwards to be sure that it is reality, for 20 years we have fought in headwinds and so suddenly it happens! But never forget that the real fighters and heroes are the undiagnosed children and adolescents and all the doctors, researchers and geneticists who are trying to solve the undiagnosed diseases.

Many thanks to the Swedish Heroes' jury 2020, which this year consists of Princess Sofia, Kristin Kaspersen, Kodjo Akolor, Shima Niavarani, Marika Carlsson, Margaux Dietz, Micael Bydén, Antje Jackelén, Janne Andersson and Morgan Alling.

Many warm thanks to the Swedish Heroes' editorial staff, an extra warm thank you to Angelica Öhagen and the production company!

Helene and Mikk Cederroth
Parents of Wilhelm, Hugo and Emma

Together we can make a difference, help the Wilhelm Foundation save lives!