Wilhelm Foundation has a 90-account equivalent to a 501(c)(3), which means that the fund is controlled by the Swedish Fundraising Control. The 90 account is a confirmation to the donor that the collection is being handled responsibly and that the money goes to the purpose without unreasonable costs.  

Since the Wilhelm Foundation has a 90 account, we have the same numerical sequence on Swish, PG and BG   

Swish 9005448 
Pg 900544-8
Bg 900-5448

QR kod for Wilhelm Foundations Swish
Swish a gift use QR code or swish to 9005448 - Wilhelm Foundation


Board members
Helene Cederroth
Mikk Cederroth
Tina Cangemark
Jenny Jakobsson

Marie Levedahl

Helene Cederroth