Wilhelm Foundation has a 90-account, which means that we are controlled by the Swedish Fundraising Control

90 account's log

Pg 90 05 44-8, Bg 900-5448 and  Swish 9005448

What does a 90 account mean for the gift giveer?

90 account is a confirmation to the donor that the collection is being handled responsibly and that the money goes to the purpose without unreasonable costs. Wilhelm Foundation's finances are reported under the section "about the fund" but also on the Swedish Fundraising Control - Svensk Insamlingskontroll's website.

Svensk Insamlingskontroll monitors that organizations with a 90 account use at least 75 percent of the revenue for the purpose and a maximum of 25 percent for costs for collection and administration. This is to ensure that donors' money gets through and does not disappear along the way.

What does the Wilhelm Foundation do?

Wilhelm Foundation works to ensure that all sick children are diagnosed, in other words, that all the undiagnosed diseases will be solved, which means that we are working to make sure that research goes forward. The Wilhelm Foundation also works directly with families and children to improve their lives.

Who supports the Wilhelm Foundation?

Wilhelm Foundation's operations are entirely dependent on voluntary gifts from individuals and companies around Sweden. Large and small gifts, all are equally important to us! 

Together we can make a difference, help the Wilhelm Foundation save lives!