Facebook foundraiser

Now you can start a Facebook fundraiser for Wilhelm foundation

The most common way for fundraising on Facebook is the one used for birthday fundraisers. It is the type of fundraiser where you put a desired amount, have a name for the fundraiser, and so on. You can also start a fundraiser every time you type something on News Feed, but then you don't set an end date or an amount.

Click here to start one or

1. To do a Facebook fundraising type birthday fundraiser:

  • Click Fundraisers in the News Feed left menu
  • Where to click Collect Money
  • Select "Willefonden" (Wilhelm Foundation in Swedish), how much you hope you can collect and how long the collection will last.
  • Select a photo and fill in details of your collection
  • Invite friends

2. An additional way to give a gift is in News Feed. Press  button "Support your organization" button and select Wilhelm Foundation. 

3. You can also donate through an existing collection.

The amount you donate to the Wilhelm Foundation through Facebook goes to us in full.  Facebook does not charge any fees to organizations with 90 accounts.

Facebook fundraisers are very important to the Wilhelm Foundation's work to combat the Undiagnosed Diseases affecting children and adolescents.

Together we can make a difference, help Wilhelm Foundation save lives!