Legal Assistance

The Wilhelm Foundation's parent group has access to free legal assistance 

Now we can offer the parents in the parent group legal assistance when they seek help according to LSS (Law on support and service for some disabled people). The Wilhelm Foundation is so grateful that karin Ståhlnacke at God Assistans helps parents without charge and without committing to anything. 

Lawyer Karin Ståhlnacke, God Assistans presents herself

My name is Karin Ståhlnacke and I live in Åkarp together with my husband (who is also a lawyer), but born and adult in Ängelholm. I am a trained lawyer at Lund University and since 2017 I work as a lawyer at God Assistans in Malmö. For the past decade, I have specialized in social justice issues and are driven by pushing and winning issues that make a change for people in their everyday lives. 

I caught the eye of the Wilhelm Foundation when their activities coincide with my specialization in assistance. I meet many parents whose children need support and help in their everyday lives and have heard countless stories. Every time I'm touched just as much. 

I collaborate with the Wilhelm Foundation, for about a year, as a non-profit lawyer and help the Wilhelm Foundation's parent group with legal advice as long as possible. My help is free of charge and I am assisting with applications for personal assistance as well as other efforts according to LSS. 

A young woman smiles at the camera.
Lawyer Karin Ståhlnacke God Assistans helps Wilhelm Foundation's parents in the parent group free of charge. Photo: Private

Below are a number of references describing the help Karin assisted them with.

Cecilia Adolfsson Gran's reference:
It was time to make a new application for assistance for our daughter. Our assistance company that we hire today has no lawyer so I saw before me a horse job trying to row this together myself. Then Karin appeared as a saving angel through the Wilhelm Foundation. She is professional and very knowledgeable. She steered the process and was our agent against the authorities. She did a great job that eventually resulted in a nice assistance decision for our daughter. We are so grateful to Karin who has put so much knowledge and time into our daughter's application! 

Cute girl sitting on a couch and looking to the side
Lovisa is undiagnosed. Her mother Cecilia Adolfsson Gran was helped by Karin Ståhlnacke with a renewed application for personal assistance to Lovisa. Photo: Private